Tips From the Pros

You may be good, but you can always be better. Check out these tips from our pros to help all aspects of your game. You can also see a Pro Tip for each hole on it’s own description page.

  • VIDEO – A Putting Drill For Better Distance Control – Matthew Belacca

    Matt's pro tip on putting - a drill for better distance control.

  • VIDEO – The 1, 2, 3 O’clock Chipping Drill – Matthew Belacca

    Matt's Pro-Tip video on improving your chipping skills.

  • How to Play Our Course

    Here are some strategies to walk you through playing the golf course at Caledon Country Club. There is much to be said about playing a course with strategy instead of teeing up and swinging for the fences with driver every par 4 and 5 and... Continue Reading »

  • Chipping

    Chipping is equal parts technique and creativity. It requires touch and imagination to land in the proper spot on the green and roll the ball out to a close proximity to the pin. It requires a solid understanding of trajectory and release. You have to be able... Continue Reading »

  • More Practice

    For this months article I wanted to speak to the topic of  practice.  The concept of practice is to work on a skill using correct technique.  When practicing with correct technique the results will be much more consistent.  If your time is limited then I... Continue Reading »

  • 4 Swing Triggers

    Having a sequence to your swing is very important.  Everyone’s game can benefit when following a proper sequence of triggers in their golf swing. The following are four separate swing triggers to be aware of. In the setup position everyone needs a trigger to initiate the backswing.... Continue Reading »

  • Best Time for Golf

    With summer having ended just a little while ago we are now in the “shoulder season” at golf courses across Canada. Here are a few reasons why fall golf should be a top priority for all golfers. Some of the best golf can occur this... Continue Reading »

  • Changes in weather, changes to your game

    For this month's tip I was thinking about the changing of the weather and the increasingly windy conditions we are experiencing. I thought it might be beneficial to talk about keeping the ball low and how to play smart golf in high winds. Something that... Continue Reading »

  • Balance and your swing

    Outside of the static fundamentals (grip, stance, posture, alignment and ball position) which all take place before the swing even starts I think that balance is probably the most important factor in making a sound stroke. So many times we see a golfer make a... Continue Reading »

  • Sweet Spot

    I want to talk about the importance of catching the “Sweet Spot” on the golf club. When the ball is struck with the middle of the face we can achieve consistent distance. The ball feels like we have just hit a marshmallow because there is... Continue Reading »

  • The Pace of Play

    For this months article I wanted to talk about pace of play. This article is intended to be of help for the beginner to intermediate player and as a refresher for others. For the advanced players it goes without saying that pace of play is... Continue Reading »

  • Playing Golf in Windy Conditions

    With the beginning of the season fast approaching, I was thinking about how course conditions in April can be quite different. I don’t mean the condition of the course, instead environmental elements which include rain, wind and cold. These factors can wreak havoc with our... Continue Reading »

  • New Optimism and Expectations

    With every new golf season comes new optimism and expectations. Optimism is great but expectations often need to be reorganized. Too often right from the start we create goals that are too lofty. This year I suggest your first full month of golf should be... Continue Reading »

  • Off Season Improvements

    The winter seems like a great time to put the clubs away and forget about the game. By doing this, you are missing a great opportunity to make changes and improve. Some of the most important practice can be done without hitting golf balls. Most... Continue Reading »

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

    Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice makes perfect according many individuals who have made it to the top of their respective sports. Babe Didrikson Zaharias said: "A couple of hours of practice are worth ten sloppy rounds." NBA Basketball star Larry Bird tells it this way: "I... Continue Reading »

  • The Mental Game

    It has often been said that golf is 90% mental and 10% physical. I don't fully agree with those percentages. There is no doubt that you must be able to think your way around the golf course. There are times on the golf course when... Continue Reading »

  • When the Stars Align, Great Things Can Happen

    One of the most common problems golfers face is misalignment. Through bad habits, self correction and poor routines we often end up aiming in the wrong direction. Misalignment causes no end of trouble for golfers including: slices, hooks, pulls, pushes, shanks (yes, I said the... Continue Reading »

  • My Inconsistency Is My Only Consistency

    "If you do what you've always done, you will get what you have always gotten." Anthony Robbins This quote holds true for life as it does for golf. To become successful, we need to put ourselves in comfortable situations as often as possible. This is... Continue Reading »

  • Off-Season Conditioning Tips

    Unfortunately for many golfers the season is coming to a close. Many find that it takes months every spring to get their game back after the long winter months. This off-season take a little time and keep your game sharp. It can be done indoors... Continue Reading »

  • Pre-Season Conditioning

    With the 2009 golf season less than a couple of months away it is important that golfers consider a pre-season conditioning program to get you into shape following the winter layoff. The physical demands of golf are often underestimated! Many golfers take the physical aspect... Continue Reading »

  • Winter Suggestions for the Golf Enthusiast

    Now that the golf season is finished for another year, what is the golfer going to do with their idle time during the winter months?  Here are some suggestions, as supplied by our resident Caledon Country Club golf addicts.  Feel free to add your own... Continue Reading »

  • Bunker Play

    No matter how much we'd all like to avoid them, bunkers are part of the game of golf at most courses. Many would argue that the bunker shot is one of the most challenging shots in the game, and for that reason it seems that... Continue Reading »

  • Achieving Perfect “Pitch”

    A pitch shot is one of those in-between shots: longer than a chip, but usually shorter than a full swing. A pitch shot is often used to play over a bunker towards the green. Because the pitch shot is an "in-between" shot, it's often a... Continue Reading »

  • Putting – The Game within a Game

    It's often been said that putting is a game within the game of golf, and there seems to be no general consensus as to the best technique for putting. Choose the technique that's best for you. There are a number of proven methods for putting,... Continue Reading »

  • It’s all in the set-up!

    Last month we talked about the importance of developing a proper golf grip, and mentioned that this, along with set-up and posture were the fundamental elements in your golf game. This month I want to talk about shot set-up and all that entails. It seems... Continue Reading »

  • Improve your grip & improve your game!

    Ultimately it's the fundamentals of the game of golf that are the difference between a good round and a bad round! While the fundamentals may seem less glamourous than the latest driver or putter on the market, the importance of grip, setup and posture should... Continue Reading »

  • Don’t under estimate the value of practice!

    Practice makes perfect, and nowhere is this saying more applicable than in the game of golf. Don't under estimate the value of practice. Your local practice facility is as essential to your golf game as your favourite club! Pre-Game Practice Routine A pre-game practice routine... Continue Reading »

  • Spring Tune-Up

    Golfers know that the winter months can be tough when the links are covered in snow and you are counting the days to get back on the course! However, these "off" months are a good opportunity to put into motion a golf exercise or conditioning... Continue Reading »

  • Tournament Play!

    Golf tournaments are a great excuse to get an extra few rounds in over the course of the golf season - in fact, they are a perfect way to combine business & pleasure. Tournament play - a different game! From a golfer's point-of-view, playing in... Continue Reading »

  • Fall Golfing

    Great golfing in the fall! Last month we talked about dealing with extreme heat on the course. As fall approaches, we still need to consider weather conditions, but now we must contend with cooler temperatures. With some common sense and some practical tips, we can... Continue Reading »

  • Basking in the Summer Heat!

    There's no doubt that heat effects your golf game. It not only changes the course conditions, it takes its toll on your physical stamina and mental conditioning. Heat Plays a Major Role at PGA Championship Earlier this month, conditioning played a major factor in the... Continue Reading »

  • It all starts with the ball!

    It all sounds so simple! A golf club, a golf ball, your swing and your mental attitude. Oh, if it were only that easy! While all elements are important, I would argue the most overlooked element is the ball itself. Technology has improved golf balls... Continue Reading »

  • Pace your game!

    There are truly few things more enjoyable than breezing through a 4 hour, 18-hole round of golf. However, that enjoyment can quickly turn to frustration when the game drags on into 5 and 6 hours. Play golf at a steady pace! Golf is a sport... Continue Reading »

  • The importance of the short game!

    At the start of each new golf season all the buzz seems to be about the newest driver on the market that will allow you to hit farther and straighter. However, I would suggest that the best way to shave strokes off your score is... Continue Reading »

  • Stepping onto the course: The importance of golf shoes!

    I regularly see people coming out to the course and I am amazed how many are wearing the same old golf shoes every day. Your feet (and ultimately your shoes) are an important part of your golf game. Consider that you are spending up to... Continue Reading »

  • Getting Your Season Off to a Great Start

    As the snow is all but gone from the fairways, we are definitely close to teeing it up here at Caledon. Many avid golfers have spent time during the off season reading about all of the new equipment they hope will improve their game this... Continue Reading »